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The LAG Consortium is based on the common professional and public interests of its founding members, their common goals and objectives. Also, it is based on the principles of mutual respect, equality and non-interference in each other’s’ internal affairs including protection of individual and common interests of its founding members. The LAG Consortium aims to achieve two major goals:

  • To increase access to qualified legal services for all in need with a particular focus on the displaced populations – internally displaced persons (IDPs), refugees, and returnees – as well as stateless and those endangered by statelessness; and
  • To advocate for unimpeded access of the above mentioned groups to their civil, political and social rights and for changes in policies and practices at local, regional and country level that contribute to improved protection framework for all displaced. 
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We Partner with:

United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF)

United Nations Democracy Fund

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration
Action Against Hunger              

Housing Initiative for                        

Eastern Europe 

EU Delegation in Georgia               
Save the Children International
Danish Refugee Council           

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